Release 22.90

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XYplorer 22.90 has been released on 17-Feb-2022. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Button Sets. Now you can quickly switch between up to four sets of toolbar buttons with just a single click, key combination, or notch of the mouse wheel.

    If you have a mouse wheel just wheel it above the toolbar and it will switch to another button set. By default this 2nd button set features the main menu buttons and a button to hide the main menu bar (which you don’t need anymore since you now have the menu buttons):

    Button Set #1. (Click to zoom)

    A wheel notch later: Button Set #2. (Click to zoom)

    In case the wheel doesn’t work go to Tools | Customize Toolbar..., click the "Options..." button and ensure that Allow Button Set Switching is ticked.

    If Scrollable Toolbar is ticked you need Shift+Wheel to switch the Button Set, otherwise Wheel is enough.

    Button Sets are easy to configure: Right-click the toolbar anywhere and you find the command "Customize Toolbar..." at the bottom of the popup menu. Now you can select which buttons you want to have in this set, and in which order. If you need more than one Button Set click the "Options..." button and open the submenu "Number of Button Sets": you can have up to four.

    If you don’t have a mouse wheel, you’re not entirely out of luck. The menu command Window | Arrangement | Switch Toolbar Button Set will do the job just as well. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to it via Tools | Customize Keyboard Shortcuts..., e.g. Ctrl+Shift+-.

    Alternatively, there is also a toolbar button Switch Toolbar Button Set that you can click.

  • Menu Buttons. Now the toolbar can fully replicate and replace the main menu bar.

    As already shown in the 2nd screenshot above, the toolbar can now contain the full set of menu buttons. This is easily achieved by adding the group button called All Menus (Group).

    But you can also add menu buttons individually, there is one for each main menu. For example, let’s add the File menu to the toolbar. Go to Tools | Customize Toolbar..., the scroll down to the "Available buttons" list till you see the menu buttons and move the File button over to the "Current buttons" list:

    Adding the File menu to Button Set #1. (Click to zoom)

    After OK-ing the dialog we can use the File menu right from the toolbar:

    The File menu popped right from the toolbar. (Click to zoom)

  • Text Buttons. Now you can add custom buttons to the toolbar that display a text of your choosing instead of an icon.

    Go to Tools | Customize Toolbar... and add any of the 64 User Buttons to the current toolbar. Now right-click that button in the toolbar and choose Edit.... Type text:Beer & Chips into the Name field (this is just an example), and tick the Fire click on mousedown checkbox.

    Editing the User Button. (Click to zoom)

    Now let’s build a little location hub. Click the Edit... button in the On left click row. Enter some locations later to be opened from a popup menu (folders or files), one per row, use "-" as menu separator:

    Editing the left-click event. (Click to zoom)

    Now double-OK out of these configuration dialogs and admire your newly created text button. Click on it:

    Going to Downloads right from the Beer & Chips button. (Click to zoom)

  • Windows 10 Rename Bug Fix. File Explorer on Windows 10 and later cannot change the case of file names on FAT32 drives (usually USB drives and flash cards). XYplorer can.

    Nothing to show or do. It just works. Whereas in File Explorer it just doesn’t work.