Release 21.50

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XYplorer 21.50 has been released on 15-Jan-2021. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

XYplorer 21.50.0100 has been released on 18-Jan-2021. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Hover Box Scrolling. Now you can keyboard-scroll and wheel-scroll the Folder Contents Preview, the Zip Contents Preview, and the Text Preview. You won’t get this degree of interface coolness anywhere else.

    First ensure that the Hover Box is enabled: Configuration | Information | File Info Tips & Hover Box | Show Hover Box.

    And make sure that Folder Contents Preview is ticked in Configuration | Information | File Info Tips & Hover Box | Show Hover Box | Select Context....

    Whenever a text or a list of folder contents does not fit into the Hover Box you will see a subtle scrollbar near the right edge of the box. No configuration necessary, it’s just there and works. All the usual scrolling keys are supported (Up, Down, PageUp, PageDown, Home, End), and also the mouse wheel. Note that the mouse wheel does not need to be over the box to work.

    Hover Box showing textual contents with a scrollbar.

    Hover Box showing folder contents with a scrollbar.

    Warning: Once tried you will have a hard time doing without this feature.

  • Hover Box for Tabs. Now you can show a Hover Box with Folder Contents Preview for any tab simply by hovering the tab header icon. Saves you a click if you just want to quickly see what’s in the tab, or what has recently arrived in the tab. Even works for Paper Folders.

    First ensure that Configuration | Information | File Info Tips & Hover Box | Show Hover Box is ticked, and also tick "Tabs" under Configuration | Information | File Info Tips & Hover Box | Show Hover Box | Select Context...:

    Tick Tabs.

    Now move the mouse over the icon of any tab header, and the contents of the tab location are shown in the Hover Box. No clicks involved:

    Peeking into a tab.

  • Custom Copy with Free Space Status. Now the progress dialog shows the amount of used and free space on the target drive in real time, graphically and in numbers. Just gives you that soothing feeling that comes from knowing the consequences of your actions.

    This is what it looks like in Dark Mode:


  • Shorten Filenames. Now you can shorten the names of a whole bunch of files by cutting off a certain number of characters from the right end of the base name.

    Select a couple of files you want to rename, then press F2, it will automatically open the Batch Rename dialog when more than one file is selected. Now enter the new /cut switch and the number of characters you want to cut off from the right as a negative number, e.g. /cut -8. Note that only the base names are affected, the extensions are never touched:

    Cutting off the last 8 characters.

    Click the "Preview..." button to make sure there are no conflicts (collisions):

    Preview looking good.

    Now presss "Rename Now" and the work is done. By the way, if you change your mind you can always Undo (Ctrl+Z) it.

  • Hover Box Image Scaling. Now you can scale images (and PDFs) on the fly using the mouse wheel. Surprisingly natural and totally addictive.

    Yes, now the wheel can scale images. Up = bigger, Down = smaller (10 pixels per notch). Same functionality as Numpad Add and Subtract. Hold SHIFT to double the impact.

    Small frog.

    Large frog. Thanks to the wheel.

  • Hover Box Scrolling and Scaling. Now the whole scrolling and scaling business can be turned off individually in case you prefer the old static mode.

    While the Hover Box is showing a text or an image, i.e. contents that are generally scrollable or scalable, you now can cycle the scrollability/scalability by pressing the "R" key (think "roll"). The functionality will cycle through 4 states (displayed in the Status Bar):

    State    Functionality
      1      Scrolling and scaling disabled
      2      Scrolling texts enabled
      3      Scaling images enabled
      4      Scrolling texts and scaling images enabled