Release 20.50

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XYplorer 20.50 has been released on 08-Oct-2019. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Filter By Properties. Now you can filter the file list by each of the hundreds of available item properties. E.g. you can show only those photos with a certain aspect ratio, or only those MP3s from a certain artist.

    For example, to filter (= to show only) images with aspect ratio 16:9 you would use this filter pattern:

    prop:#AspectRatio: 16:9

    You enter it into the Visual Filter dialog via View | Tab | Set Visual Filter... (Ctrl+J):

    Setting a Visual Filter.

    This is a possible result:

    Filtered by aspect ratio 16:9. (Click image to zoom)

    The possibilities are near endless. Here are some examples, you’ll find more in the Help file:

    Filter                                Match all files with
    prop:dimensions:638 x *               a width of 638 pixels
    prop:imagex: > 1500                   a width larger 1500 pixels
    prop:CameraModel:*Canon*              "Canon" in the camera model name
    prop:fileversion:20.40*               file version number 20.40*
    prop:System.Comment:love              system comment "love"
    prop:#ShortcutTarget:?*               a non-empty shortcut target
    prop:#mp3.composer:*Haydn*            Haydn in the MP3 composer tag
    prop:#mp3.title:no*                   an MP3 title starting with "no"
    prop:#Image.Fuji.FilmMode:Classic*    Fuji Film Simulation "Classic"
    prop:#AspectRatio: 16:9               an aspect ratio of 16:9
    prop:#Hash.MD5:1092b0ce7d106d3d72e737c66ea20fa1   this MD5 hash
    prop:#HardLinks: > 1                  more than one hardlink
    Tip: If you tick Configuration | Find and Filter | Filters & Type Ahead Find | Visual Filters | Persist visual filters across folders then you can browse your folders while the current filter remains active. The filter is tied to the tab, and each tab can have its own active filter. Vast possibilities...
  • Filter By Lengths. Now you can filter the file list by the item name lengths. E.g. you can show only those items with 12 or less characters in the name, or only items longer than 259 characters.

    The selector "lent" (for length of title) matches the file title (name without path):


    The selector "len" matches the full name including the path:


    Filtered by file title length. (Click image to zoom)

  • Focus Next Selected Item. Now you can assign a keyboard shortcut of your choice to each of two new commands that move the focus to the next or previous selected item. Quite useful to quickly browse through the currently selected items while giving the mouse a rest.

    These commands are only available via keyboard (there are not present in the menu), and the first thing you have to do is to assign a keyboard shortcut to each of them. You do this via Tools | Customize Keyboard Shortcuts... (Shift+F9). Open the Miscellaneous category and scroll down to these commands:

    Miscellaneous | Focus Functions | Focus First Selected Item
    Miscellaneous | Focus Functions | Focus Previous Selected Item

    Possible shortcuts could be, for example, Ctrl++ (Ctrl + plus-key) and Ctrl+Shift++:

    After assigning keyboard shortcuts to both commands.

    Now you can browse through the currently selected items by Ctrl++ without changing the selections, just checking your choices:

    Checking your choices.

  • Full Name Column Select. Having a hard time hitting the name of a short-named file? Now you have the option to use the full width of the name column as click target. Should increase your hits.

    To enable the feature tick Configuration | General | Menus, Mouse, Usability | Mouse | Full name column select.

    Now you have a good chance to hit short-named files like "sea.jpeg":

    Going for the sea.

    Made it to the sea.

  • Shuffle Your Files. There is a new dice shaped button on the toolbar. If you are feeling lucky and bored at the same time you can use it to shuffle your image, sound, or video collections.

    The command has been there before, View | Sort By | Random Order (Ctrl+Alt+R), but now you have a button called "Random Order". Note that the button is not in the toolbar by factory default. To add it use the command Tools | Customize Toolbar... (Ctrl+Shift+F9).

    Let’s shuffle a filtered wall of thumbs:

    Still ordered by name. (Click image to zoom)

    Shuffled. (Click image to zoom)

    Shuffled again. (Click image to zoom)

  • Fat Recent Location Pin. Now the current path pin is drawn fatter than the others. So you know where you are at a glance.

    You are here. (Click image to zoom)

  • Quick MIDI Preview. Now the Quick Audio Preview supports MIDI files.

    See here for details of the Quick Audio Preview. Now it also supports MIDI (*.mid) files:

    Listening to MIDI by mousedown on the file icon. (Click image to zoom)

    Probably the fastest audio previewer on the planet. And there is no planet B.

  • Set Extension. Now the dialog has a Most Recently Used (MRU) list.

    You don’t see it in the screenshot but there is a dropdown list now with the 64 Most Recently Used extensions. Trust me.

    Setting a new extension to 23 files (which are currently selected in the file list).

  • Flexible Size Format. This format has been improved to take even less horizontal space in the Size column.

    Before:          Now:
           Size           Size
    -----------      ---------
        1.02 MB        1.02 MB
    1,016.35 KB        0.99 MB
    1,011.92 KB        0.99 MB
    1,008.41 KB        0.98 MB
      990.67 KB      990.67 KB

    For your interest, you can quickly select the Flexible format via right-clicking the Size column header:

    Format "KB (Rounded Up)".

    Right-click menu of the Size column header.

    Format "Flexible (Rounded Up)". As you see, the Size column takes less space now.