Release 19.70

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XYplorer 19.70 has been released on 20-Feb-2019. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • File Tagging. Now you have sixteen freely definable Extra Columns, sixteen user fields for each file and folder, fields that you can fill, display, sort by, search for, carry around on a stick, and share with your team.

    Not easy to come up with 16 extra fields, here’s a wild improvisation from the unreal world:

    Loads of extra info.

    Check out the Help for how to add those columns to the view and how to define and fill them. It’s easy and it’s fun.

    Or read on for a little crash course in using Extra Columns:

    Extra Column Crash Course in 5 Steps

    Step 1: How to add an Extra Column

    Either go via menu View | Columns | Show Columns... ...

    The Show Columns dialog.

    ...or simply right-click the Name column:

    The right-click menu of the Name column.

    Step 2: How to configure an Extra Column

    After you have added a column (called "Extra 1" by default) you want to give it a name of your choice and specify its type. Right-click the column header, and select "Configure Extra Column 1..." from the popup menu:

    Calling the column configuration dialog.

    Let’s call it "Coolness" and give it type "Rating Stars" from the dropdown list:

    Configuring the column.

    When done press OK:

    Press OK now.

    Step 3: How to fill the Extra Column

    Right-click the cell you want to fill. Depending on the column type you will see a different context menu now. In our example it will look like this:

    Filling the column via the cell’s context menu.

    After clicking the 5 star rating the column is filled accordingly:

    Done. 5 stars go to Rickenbacker.

    Step 4: How to show Extra Columns only in particular folders

    After adding an Extra column in the current folder it will also show in other folders:

    The new column is everywhere.

    That might be fine with you. But you also might want to confine that Extra Column to just that particular folder. To do this click menu File | Settings Special | Save Folder View Settings while you are in the folder that should have the column. Or, alternatively, click that F-button in the Toolbar (in Step 5 below you are shown how to show it):

    Click the F-button in the Toolbar.

    Now the column is gone where it does not belong:

    Gone column.

    Step 5: How to show the F-button in the Toolbar

    Right-click the Toolbar anywhere and select "Customize Toolbar..." at the bottom of the popup menu. In case you don’t even see a Toolbar select menu Window | Show Toolbar first. This is the Customize Toolbar dialog:

    Making the F-button available in the Toolbar.

  • Quick Jump. Now double-clicking a cell in the Path column will open that path and auto-select the double-clicked item.

    Having searched (F3) a bunch of photo folders for "street" we are looking at these results:

    A couple of street photos.

    Now we want to go for that 4th file in its home folder "Stephen Shore". Easy, just double-click that subfolder in the Path column, 4th row:

    Inside Stephen Shore.

    Alternatively you could have used Ctrl+Right-Click in that cell to go to the path in a new tab via a popup menu:

    About to open in new tab.