Release 19.20

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XYplorer 19.20 has been released on 24-Sep-2018. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Mouse Up Show Down. What about a mouse-driven instant non-invasive Folder Contents Preview that lets you look into a folder without opening it? You can jump into subfolders or open files right from the preview. You will get hooked to this amazing speed booster in a second and never look back.

    The first thing you do is turn it on: Configuration F9 | Preview | Mouse Down Blow Up | Folder contents preview.

    Now you can click on a folder icon in the file list, and on mouse up that folder's contents will pop up in a small list, scrollable if necessary. In that list you can click on a folder to jump into it, or click on a file to open it. Additionally each item in the list has a context menu with some more things you can do:

    Folder Contents Preview with opened context menu of a file.

    Never again dive down into a folder only to find out that it is completely empty. Now you find out in advance:

    Mouse up on a emtpy folder.

    From v19.30 onwards it also works in the folder tree, see Mouse Up Show Down.
  • Tab Colors. Now you can have the selected tab auto-match the color of the breadcrumb bar of each pane. So what? Well, try it. It makes a lot of sense in terms of user guidance and interface balance.

    Here you can toggle it: Configuration F9 | Colors and Styles | Colors | Match selected tab with breadcrumb bar.

    See yourself:

    Tab color matching OFF.

    Tab color matching ON.

    Tab color matching ON on the 2nd pane.

    Note that the breadcrumb bar colors of each pane are freely customizable in Configuration F9 | Colors and Styles | Colors.

  • Tree Path Colors. Just like with tabs you now can also have the "Tree Path Tracing" auto-match the color of the breadcrumb bar of each pane. It’s a small thing but it makes everything look better.

    Here you can toggle it: Configuration F9 | Colors and Styles | More Colors | Tree path tracing | Match color with breadcrumb bar.

    And it looks like this:

    The Tree Path Tracing, aka the Snake, has the same color as the Breadcrumb Bar.

    BTW, here you toggle Tree Path Tracing itself: Tools | Customize Tree | Tree Path Tracing. There is also a dedicated toolbar button for the same thing.

  • Drag and Clone. In all small lists where you can drag items to a new position you now can drag-and-clone an item by Ctrl+Drag.

  • Remove Search and Filters. The context menu of the Search Information Bar and Filter Information Bar now tells you what you can do with a double click: Remove the search, or the filter. You always could, but now you know.

    Right-clicking the Search Information Bar.