Release 17.60

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XYplorer 17.60 has been released on 20-Feb-2017. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Find Files by Path. Now you can find items by the name of their parent folder or full path, using a simple inline switch.

    For example, to list all items inside folders called "Check" this would be the search pattern:
    ? * /paths=Check

    You can paste it directly into the Address Bar:

    Checking what’s in "Check".

    You can as well list all items inside various folders, e.g. folders called "Check" or "Okay":
    ? * /paths=Check;Okay

    Checking what’s in "Check" or "Okay".

  • New Overwrite Prompt. Redesigned the dialog for clarity and usability.

    A big green arrow clearly shows the direction of the overwrite in question. Differences between source and target are marked in the source by underlined text.

    New Overwrite Prompt.

    Tip: This overwrite prompt is only shown if Custom Copy is enabled: Configuration | File Operations | Custom Copy Operations | Use Custom Copy has to be ticked.
  • Audio Properties. Now the basic audio properties (Bit Rate, Sample Rate, Channels, Length) are shown right in the Large Tiles view. Allows for a quick glance without displaying any spacy extra columns.

    Seeing the cover art and the audio properties at one glance.