Release 17.40

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XYplorer 17.40 has been released on 22-Nov-2016. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Content Search. Now multi-field search supports content. So you can search for files that contain "Country" OR "Western".

    It’s simple, use the new cont: prefix and you are set to go. For example, open Quick Search (F3) and paste this to find all files containing either "Country" or "Western" (case-insensitive) in their textual contents:

    cont: country OR western

    If you are lucky you will see something like this:

    We got Country and Western.

    Of course, in a multi-field search you can logically combine any number of different fields. For example, this would match all files containing either "Country" or "Western" in their names or in their contents:

    name: country OR western OR cont: country OR western

  • Self Update. Finally XYplorer can update itself. Simply click "Check for Updates" and you are offered to download and install the update right away if there is one. (Pro Edition Only)

    Simply click menu Help | Online Support | Check for Updates. If a new version is available you will see something like this:

    There is something new for you.

    Click OK and the new version is downloaded and installed over the current version (the current XYplorer will be auto-closed to make this possible). Your settings and licenses data remain intact. Restart XYplorer and enjoy the new version.

    Tip: The new scripting command update() offers more possibilities, including update to beta versions and automatic restart. Check out the Help file for details.