Release 13.10


Release 13.10.0000

XYplorer 13.10 has been released on 10-Oct-2013. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Checkbox Selection. Now you can individually select multiple list items simply by ticking checkboxes shown at each item.

Checkbox Selection allows for single-handed selection of non-contiguous list items, using nothing but the left mouse button. It's a list style that can be turned on via menu Tools | Customize List | Checkbox Selection, or via the context menu of any of the existing list style toolbar buttons, i.e. Show Grid or Sticky Selection, or, the easiest way, by toggling the new toolbar button Checkbox Selection.

For example, here is a list in small icons view without any checkboxes:

Checkbox Selection turned off. You need to use the CTRL key for non-contiguous selections. (Click to zoom)

Now let's click the second toolbar button from the right:

Checkbox Selection turned on. Non-contiguous selections are easy as pie. (Click to zoom)

Checkbox Selection works in all list views, here for example in a small thumbnails view without captions and zero padding:

Without Checkbox Selection you would not even see which items are selected. (Click to zoom)

Additionally, right-clicking any of the checkboxes pops the Select sub menu (located under menu Edit) with a bunch of useful commands related to selection.

Popping the Select sub menu. (Click to zoom)

Zoom to Fill. Now thumbnails can be set to fill all the available space, cropping as necessary. Whether you are obsessed with perfection or you simply want to see more detail on your thumbnails, you will love this feature.

You can toggle Zoom to Fill in Configuration | Thumbnails or via the right-click menu of any of the View-related toolbar buttons:

Toggling Zoom to Fill from a toolbar button context menu. (Click to zoom)

What Zoom to Fill actually does is easier to illustrate than to explain. Here is a minimal dual pane layout showing four thumbnails in each pane. The top pane has them without Zoom to Fill, the bottom pane with Zoom to Fill:

Without versus with Zoom to Fill. (Click to zoom)

Here is another example. The first screenshot show a number of thumbnails created without Zoom to Fill, the second screenshot shows the same thumbnails created with Zoom to Fill. As you see, Zoom to Fill also has a price: Some heads are cut off.

Thumbnails created without Zoom to Fill: The thumbnails show the whole image. There is unused white space, and the image scale down factor heavily depends on the image proportion. (Click to zoom)

Thumbnails created with Zoom to Fill: The thumbnails fill the available space (240 x 180 pixels), cropping as necessary. Note that the white frames are not shown where the thumbnails are cropped. (Click to zoom)

Note that Mouse Down Blow Up works perfectly also with cropped thumbnails: Left mouse down on a thumbnail will instantly display the uncropped original.

Release 13.10.0100

XYplorer 13.10.0100 has been released on 14-Oct-2013. It just has some minor bug fixes and enhancements.