Release 12.10


Release 12.10.0000

XYplorer 12.10 has been released on 08-Feb-2013. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Language Support. Now you can download a language file from the server and load it into the interface in one go. Ultra-slick!

Let's assume your German girl friend comes over for a visit and you want to show her your cool file manager. To really impress her you need it in German, and quick, she's already at the door. Here's a way that will take you 3 seconds:

Use the command Download Language File... in menu Help. (Click to see the full screenshot)

Select German from the list of available languages. Ensure that Load language after download is ticked. (Click to zoom)

Done! Everything's in German now. No restart required. (Click to see the full screenshot)

That was fast! You even have time to hide your Hedy Lamarr picture collection.

Mouse Down Blow Up. Now you can move zoomed images like you know it from a touch screen.

A new option in Configuration | Preview allows you to choose between two kinds of movement with Mouse Down Blow Up, the classic Loupe, and the new Touch Screen.

Here, Loupe has been selected. (Click to see the full screenshot)

Move the mouse over the Preview in Info Panel, then hold down the left mouse button. (Click to see the full screenshot)

The image pops up in original size, exactly aligned over the spot the mouse pointed to. When you now move the mouse (while keeping the button down) the blow up stays aligned with the mouse position over the preview, just like with a real loupe. (Click to see the full screenshot)

In Touch Screen mode the blow up would be dragged along with the mouse as if you had grabbed it. Try it out to see which mode better suits your taste.

Access Control. Now you can use environment variables and XYplorer native variables when stating AllowedDirs and DisallowedDirs. That way you can easily assign account-specific user rights. A powerful corporate feature.

For example, allow only the User special path and drive D:\: