Release 11.50

XYplorer 11.50 has been released on 22-Aug-2012. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Highlighted Groups. A revolutionary display style where every group of files is highlighted depending on the sorted column.

In Configuration | Colors & Styles you find the new Grid Style dropdown. Here you can choose among several grid styles, among them "Zebra Stripes: Highlighted Groups".

The Highlighted Groups grid style can be used as a visual dupe finder. Want to know if the current folder contains any files of exactly the same size? Sort the list by size, select "Zebra Stripes: Highlighted Groups" and turn on the Grid (menu Tools | Customize List). Voilà! Any size dupes stand out clearly, you don't have to strain your eyes to spot them. The same can be done with any column, like Modified, Created, Type, Comment, Name, etc.

For example, in this folder it's not easy to quickly tell which files have the same modified date, even when the list is sorted by that date:

Spot the files with the same modified date. Not easy... (Click to zoom)

After pressing the "Show Grid" toolbar button it jumps into your face:

Now it's easy. (Click to zoom)

Sort by Created date to immediately see what groups we have here. (Click to zoom)

Also sorting by Name renders some groups which wouldn't be as obvious without the highlights. Note that grouping in the Name column resorts to some smart algorithm that detects similar filenames, else there would be no groups since all Names have to be different in a folder. (Click to zoom)

Ignore Diacritics. Find Files, Visual Filters, Color Filters, Spot and Jump, Type Ahead Find now all optionally ignore diacritics (accents on letters: àçöñ...) and thus let you find or mark files with letters your keyboard cannot easily produce.

Here is a list of files with various diacritics in the name. How to define a search pattern that would match all of them? Not easy, especially if not all of these letters are found on your keyboard:

The search pattern "koln" will not match all of these files. (Click to zoom)

After running the search expectedly only "Koln.png" is returned. (Click to zoom)

The solution is the new checkbox "Ignore diacritics" in the Name & Location tab, right under "Match case":

With "Ignore diacritics" ticked, all test files are matched by "koln". (Click to zoom)

The same functionality is available for Visual Filters, Color Filters, Spot and Jump, and Type Ahead Find (Find As You Type).

Replace with File in Clipboard. New optional context menu command to replace the contents of the selected file with the contents of the file currently in the clipboard.

Here is a new way to update the contents of a file to match the contents of another file: Copy the other file to the clipboard (Ctrl+C), then right-click the file to update, select "Replace with File in Clipboard" from the context menu, and, after a safety prompt, the contents of the selected file are replaced with the contents of the file in the clipboard. The selected file keeps its filename, just the contents are updated.

To have this command in the context menu, you have to add it to the context menu first. This is done in Configuration | Extended | Context menus | File List:

Tick "Replace with File in Clipboard" to add it to the context menu. (Click to zoom)

Now you are ready to go. Any file's right-click menu will now offer the "Replace with File in Clipboard" command:

Command "Replace with File in Clipboard" in the context menu.