Release 11.20

XYplorer 11.20 has been released on 24-May-2012. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Selection Style. Now the whole interface supports the Windows Themes selection style. A vast improvement in look and feel if you are running a post-XP operating system.

Of course, you can configure it to your liking. Simply choose your preferred selection style in Configuration | Colors & Styles | Selections:

Selection, Windows Themes style.

Selection, XYplorer Classic style.

Floating Preview. A preview pane separate from the main window, supporting Mouse Down Blow Up and the transparency grid for transparent images. One of the most demanded features. Now with enhanced features, handling, and speed.
The Floating Preview, quickly toggled by F11*, shows the current file in a non-modal preview window whose size and absolute screen position is stored between sessions. It supports all types of images, and snapshot previews for HTML, PDF, MPEG, DWG, etc., everything your system can generate thumbnails for.

* Note: If you are upgrading then F11 will probably still point to Full Screen Preview, which was the default in earlier versions. You can assign F11 to the Floating Preview using Customize Keyboard Shortucts in menu Tools.

The Floating Preview positioned at the right of the main window. (Click to zoom)

The Floating Preview supports:

Resizing the window resizes the preview in real time.
Mouse Down Blow Up for all types of images as well as for PDFs and other shell generated previews: When and while you hold down the left mouse button on the preview the original image pops up, zoomed exactly into the point where you downed the mouse. If the image is larger than the screen, you can scroll about the image by moving the mouse while holding it down.
Support for keyboard and mouse wheel for browsing through images while the Floating Preview is open.
A right-click context menu offering various display options, among them the following:
Fit All shrinks larger originals to fit the width and height of the preview window.
Fit Width shrinks larger originals to fit the only width of the preview window. This serves to see the images that have a portrait orientation in more detail. Use the right mouse button for panning the image.
Original Size shows the image in original size (100%), cropped if there is not enough space. Use the right mouse button for panning the image.
Double Size shows the image in double size (200%), cropped if there is not enough space. Use the right mouse button for panning the image.
Zoom to Fit zooms smaller originals to fill up the space available.
An optional Transparency Grid for transparent images.
There is a toolbar button to toggle the Floating Preview.
Last not least, it allows for a convenient two-screen setup in that it can be placed on a second monitor with the main application on the first monitor.

Credits for the icon (from the incredibly good Free Vintage Design Icons) go to

Full Screen Preview. Now it supports everything the Floating Preview supports, including Mouse Down Blow Up.

The right-click menu offers the same options as in the Floating Preview. (Click to zoom)

Tree Full Row Select. The folder tree now supports Full Row Select.

Full Row Select makes a much larger target for hitting a tree node. To enable it tick "Full Row Select" in menu Tools | Customize Tree.

Folder Tree with Full Row Select.

Folder Tree with normal select.

Show Grid. Now there is a toolbar button to quickly toggle horizontal zebra striping in the file list.

Toolbar button "Show Grid".

To add this button to your toolbar use menu Tools | Customize Toolbar. You can further choose between Zebra Striping and a normal grid lines in Configuration | Colors & Styles | Zebra Striping. As you see the grid can add some visual grip to a list in Details view:

List without grid. (Click to zoom)

List with grid (Zebra Striping enabled). (Click to zoom)