A Frequently Asked Question

How do I migrate XYplorer to another computer or Windows version?

It's very easy. Since XYplorer is a portable application you don't need to do any uninstalling or installing.

Simply copy XYplorer's application folder and application data folder with all contents to a USB-stick and transfer them to the corresponding locations in the target system. Your complete configuration including registration is now migrated.


The application folder is typically C:\Program Files\XYplorer or C:\Program Files (x86)\XYplorer\, and the application data folder typically %appdata%\XYplorer. The easiest way to go to those folders is by menu Go | Go to Application Folder and Go | Go to Application Data Folder inside XYplorer.

The application data folder is typically defined by an entry in the file Startup.ini located in the application folder. It will probably look like this: