A Frequently Asked Question

I’m having intermittent crashes on or after right-clicking a file. Why?

Problems with slow or buggy right-click functions are virtually always caused by third-party softwares (so-called shell extensions) that insert items into the context menu. This is not an XYplorer bug and it cannot be fixed by XYplorer’s developer.

To verify the above, do this from XYplorer:

Go to Tools | Configuration | General | Menus, Mouse, Safety.
In the Context Menus section, check the "Hide shell extensions from shell context menu" checkbox.
Click OK.

Then retry right-clicking the same file that caused the error. If the problem disappears, it is probably caused by another program. If yes, you need to find out which particular shell extension is the culprit. One way is to disable these shell extensions one by one using the free ShellExView program:

ShellExView - Shell Extensions Manager

If you found the culprit keep it disabled.