A Frequently Asked Question

I'm on 64-bit Windows and certain items are missing from the shell context menu. Why?

On 64-bit Windows, 32-bit applications only show 32-bit extensions, and 64-bit applications only show 64-bit extensions.

A 64-bit application that installs shell extensions should also install the 32-bit versions, but this is sometimes not done. So if a program installs only 64-bit shell extensions they will not show up in 32-bit applications like XYplorer. Often this can be fixed by installing the 32-bit version of the application "side-by-side" with the 64-bit version.

XYplorer has another solution, or rather two solutions:

You can decide which context menu to show, 32-bit or 64-bit. Here is the setting: Configuration | Shell Integration | 64-bit Windows | Show the 64-bit context menu.
The shell context menu features a command "Show 64-bit Context Menu". See here.