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XYplorer is a file manager for Windows.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, 10 Server, 8.1, 8, Server 2012, 7, Server 2008, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000, NT, Me, 98; 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Dependencies: None that's not part of Windows anyways.

Multilingual Support: XYplorer comes in English by default but supports many other interface languages.

Feature List

Check out the Feature List for a quick alphabetical overview over the main features, including links to online documentation.

It's Portable!

XYplorer is a portable file manager. It doesn't require any installation, stores all configuration data in the application data folder, and running it doesn't change your system or registry. Take it with you and start it from a USB stick. File management to go.

Main Interface Components and Core Features

The screenshot looks crowded? Note that virtually all elements can be hidden.

Tabbed Browsing: Have an unlimited number of tabs to make jumping around between folders a one-click affair. Rename the tabs, drag-shift them around, hide them, lock them, drag and drop files onto the tab headers... the tabs remember their configuration individually and between sessions, and multiple selections are retained on tab switches.

Tabsets: You can save and load any number of tabsets.

Dual Pane: Have the contents of two folders side by side (horizontally or vertically), and move or copy your files comfortably and safely from pane to pane. Both panes are optionally multi-tabbed and can be arranged vertically or horizontally.

Searches in Tabs: You often search your system for files added in the last 24 hours? You quickly need a list of all text files containing your name? Let a "finding tab" do this or any other search job at a single click!
The Address Bar accepts not just folders, but also files, scripts, filters, and search terms. Yes, you can enter search patterns directly into the Address Bar. Simply put "?" between location and search pattern (Boolean operators and Regular Expressions allowed).

Additionally, there's the revolutionary 6 Key Navigation, 4 Key Navigation, and Mouse Click Navigation.

The Tree and List offer a suite of unique highlighting options to increase visual grip. Highlight Folder, Boxed Branch, Favorite Folder Bold, Highlight Focused Row, Highlight Sorted Column, Colored Grid, ... all colors are fully customizable. There is configurable Color Coding for files and folders. And there is the wonderful Tree Path Tracing™.
Catalog: Your favorite locations reside deep down in some heavily nested structures? Lift them to the surface! Your current project forces you to repeatedly ride from one end of your hard disk (or LAN) to the other? Join those ends within the flat hierarchy of a Catalog Category, and reduce their mutual distance to 18 pixels! Which means you got an easy one-click access to your most commonly used folders while maintaining a synchronized tree view! By the way, you can also drop stuff onto the Catalog's items: file management cannot get any cooler!

In the Catalog you can combine distributed locations and items (local, LAN, web) under one heading. By a single click you can go to, copy, open, or launch them.

Or, drop items onto them to move/copy those items to folders or add them to Zip archives.

The Catalog as well serves as launch panel for applications and data files. A single-click will open the application, or the file with its default application.

Or, simply drag and drop a file onto an application listed in the Catalog, and the file will be opened by that application.

Breadcrumb Bars: You can have a Breadcrumb Bar in each pane. It shows the full path of the current tab and lets you efficiently navigate the whole file system.
Info Panel: The hideable tabbed panel at the bottom provides quick access to information (file properties and previews) and action (Find Files, Reports).

If you need a fast and friendly image browser, sound browser, or video browser, it's here: Instant, one-click preview of image (incl. PNG, JPEG, GIF (incl. Animated GIFs), TIFF, TGA, ICO, and photo formats like CR2, CRW, DCR, DNG, ERF, FFF, MEF, MRW, NEF, NRW, ORF, PEF, RAF, RAW, RW2, RWL, SR2, SRF, SRW, X3F, etc depending your installed codecs, using high-quality resampling for scaling), audio (incl. WAV, MP3, OGG, APE, etc.), and video (MPG, AVI, MOV, QT, VOB, TS, WMV, etc. ... not to forget FLV/YouTube) files, with display of detailed media information.

Find Files: XYplorer features a high-end search engine with tremendous power and amazing speed. It fully supports Boolean Logic, advanced pattern matching, Regular Expressions, Boolean RegExp (the Boolean combination of any number of Regular Expressions), whole word and fuzzy matching, content search (look for text strings inside files, wildcards supported), multiple location search, a Duplicate File Finder, and much more...

It's a non-indexed search, so your search results are always live and up-to-date.

You can save your current search settings to a Search Template or in a Finding Tab for later one-click re-use. Very handy with complex search patterns or distributed search locations.

Click to zoom!

Intuitive Search: Recently, many Windows users are frustrated with the search in Vista/Win7/Win8. Well, XYplorer's search works as you might know it from XP: Enter a search term, press 'Find Now', and find what you are looking for! It's easy because you already know how to do it.

By the way, the minimalist Quick Search (F3) interface provides an alternative to the mighty and powerful Find Files tab.

Configurable Toolbar: A configurable toolbar where most buttons have a specific right-click menu. Additionally many buttons feature a dropdown menu; the Up button, for example, pops a breadcrumb menu:

Popup Breadcrumb Menu

On top of the factory buttons you get Custom Toolbar Buttons, where you define how the button looks and what it does when pressed. And, optionally, the toolbar can be scrolled.

Click the image to see a long list of all available toolbar buttons. There is a button for almost everything...

Floating Preview: The Floating Preview, quickly toggled by F11, shows the current file in a non-modal preview window whose size and absolute screen position is stored between sessions. It supports all types of images, and snapshot previews for HTML, PDF, MPEG, DWG, etc., everything your system can generate thumbnails for. Resizing the window resizes the preview in real time.

The Floating Preview supports Mouse Down Blow Up and the Transparency Grid for transparent images.

More Features

Learn more on various other highlights...

Meta Features

The main development goal is to create, maintain, and improve an application that saves your time, energy, and money.
XYplorer's development is under constant supervision by a board of highly qualified power users, hence you can count on a high degree of usability, stability, and reliability.
Fast and easy handling. Less than 20 seconds from unpacking to using. No plugins needed. Interface closely follows Explorer standards. Intuitive handling, no reading necessary. Start working in no time.
Simple key-based registration, 100% trouble-free. No DRM hassle. Paying customers are not treated like pirates.
Small, fast, and RAM-friendly.
By the way, XYplorer is pronounced X-Y-plorer or Zaiplorer. Friends call it XY. You choose.